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30 Day Blacklist Challenge:

Day #3 Who is your favorite male character?

Okay so this is essentially going to be a Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington appreciation post so if you don’t like it guess what I don’t care.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY AND LOVE ABOUT RED - I don’t know where to begin. I think I’ll start with the light hearted stuff, then we can get deeper.

I love Red’s ability to use his words - he twists them to shame someone, prove them wrong, confuse them, make them think what he wants them to think - it’s an amazing talent Red has. He is never at a loss for words.

Relating to this, Red’s sass is a never ending source of entertainment. He puts everyone in their place with his blunt, yet somehow still polite attitude. He makes me laugh or just stare in wonder at how he manages to make someone look like an absolute knob using four words. 

He says the funniest things, and oh lord they are so giffable it is wonderful.

But I also love the emotional, attached, caring side of Red - the side that only Lizzie sees. The levels of pride, care and worry he has for her are astounding, and when put into words - even the simplest ones - this side of Red is beautiful.

He is so protective of Lizzie, she’s his number one priority, and I admire his dedication to her. 

Red’s confidence is ever-present - his smooth, calm and sure approach to just about anything makes him seem even more powerful and strong. He’s never at a loss for what to do, or visibly unsure about anything. He emits an aura of self-assuredness and confidence in his actions which teamed with his mysterious nature make him the ultimate, powerful criminal mastermind.

I love Red and no one can stop me.

In conclusion: I love Red’s overall complexity, sass, wit, humour, his taste for finer things, his emotional side, his attachment to Lizzie, the pride he has for her, his composure; the way he holds himself with such confidence and self assuredness, his smooth carriage of words, his power, strength, influence and integrity, his absolute control, his intelligence, genius and his over all perfection.

There is so much to love about Red.

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