Hello! I'm Julia, a 16 year old Swedish-Australian girl. This was originally a Blacklist-only blog, but I now basically post about whatever I'm watching/doing/totally-in-to at the time (apologies, I got obsessed with other things since coming to tumblr). So expect to see posts about Doctor Who, the Blacklist, Game of Thrones, science stuff, OITNB, Sherlock, Bones, Castle, NCIS (and their affiliated casts) as well as other bits and pieces (the frequency of which depends on what I'm binge watching at the time).

My OTP is whouffle/souffez but I am also rather obsessed with Lizzington, Whouffaldi and Jongritte.

Oh, and you're welcome to chuck me a message any time you want to!
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  • *procrastinating on laptop* Nah, it’s not even la- oh wait shit it’s nearly 1am

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  • Parallels like this are actually the best thing

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  • (Sweet??) dreams

    I don’t know if this is particularly odd or not, but has anyone else ever had dreams about the characters/plotlines/worlds from their fandoms? I’ve had quite a few lately and it’s getting weird… 

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  • glowcloud:

    when ur trying to act chill


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  • Bones 10x01 The Consipiracy In the Corpse
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    sleep is for the people without internet access

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  • Red + criminal deduction

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    I swear I’m done with this panel…


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    Creepy-cool-forgotten image of Megan Boone from The Blacklist pilot. — Joe Carnahan

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    The Blacklist — Preview — 2x03 Dr. James Covington gif set


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    • Berlin: ... under that hat of yours
    • Red: woah man you can insult me you can insult my wife hell insult lizzie but goddamnit don't insult the hat
  • ”I’m sorry. In the taxi, in Warsaw.. I came at you pretty hot. When Kaja was down, you talked her through the worst of it. We could’ve lost her.”

    And so modest too, Ressler… *excessive eyeroll*

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