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Red + Art

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee is a painting from 1633 by the Dutch Golden Age painter Rembrandt van Rijn that was in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum of Boston, Massachusetts, United States, prior to being stolen.
On the morning of March 18, 1990, thieves disguised as police officers broke into the museum and stole The Storm on the Sea of Galilee and 12 other works. It is considered the biggest art theft in US history and remains unsolved.

A Young Woman Seated at the Virginals is a painting now generally attributed to Johannes Vermeer, though this was for a long time widely questioned. A series of technical examinations from 1993 onwards confirmed the attribution. It is thought to date from c.1670 and is now in a private collection in New York.

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Blacklist Writers: 

Not even harsh man hah

"How close to the truth do you think you can really get?"

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Me and you and everyone we know.

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Blacklist Poster at Times Square! #James Spader

Why I don’t live in New York?

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Trying to figure out the birth year of Red’s daughter is like trying to slow the Earth’s rotation with my mind. It’s not going to happen.

On a separate note, Red being naked in the desert sometime in 2011. Totally works in the realms of Time Travel AU.

I feel you.

All of this ^^

  • red: lizzie there's something i have to tell you
  • liz: oookay?
  • red: i'm your father-----'s brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate
  • liz:
  • red:
  • liz:
  • red:
  • liz: what's that make us?
  • red: a future couple i hope



The Blacklist | Script to Screen - “Pilot”.

The Pilot was followed pretty much to the letter onscreen, especially the Lizzington moments.

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You know, for a 54 year old, he’s got flawless skin!!!!😉😍☺️💗💓

And he freaking smokes! Guys. He must be a freaking vampire or some other mythical creature.

Perhaps he’s his own mythical creature.

The James Spader.



a future TBL episode: *red & liz kiss*
eisendrath: i hope it didn’t answer the question of whether red is liz’s father for the viewers
next episode: *red & liz sleep together*
eisendrath: it tells us there is story yet to come about what the truth is…




Robin Tunney & James Spader in “Shadow of Fear (2004)”

I didn’t know they were in a movie together… I mean besides Supernova… I love Robin Tunney SO MUCH!

Oh man. You know you have spent way to much time on the Lizzington tag when you have to do a double take on that first picture. All I saw was Liz and Young!Red. 

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